Classes of Membership

Membership in the Chamber are classified among the following sectors:

REGULAR MEMBER – refers to corporations engaged in the extraction, processing or smelting of minerals

ASSOCIATE MEMBER – refers to individual local and foreign mining companies licensed to do business in the Philippines that are in the exploration or pre-production stage or have temporarilty ceased production.

AFFILIATE MEMBER – refers to industry organizations whose members are engaged in the extraction, mining/quarrying or processing of minerals.

PROFFESIONAL MEMBER – refers to Professional organization whose activities and respective professions are relevant to the mining industry and its development.

SPECIAL MEMBER – refers to the service sector which provides their expertise, goods and services to the mining industry.

HONORARY MEMBER – refers to individuals who are conferred membership by the Chamber upon nomination by the Board of Trustees for meritorious service rendered to the mining industry.

Qualifications for membership

Applicants for membership in the Chamber must be of good standing and reputation in the business community.

Admission for membership

An application for membership shall be sponsored by any 3 regular, associate, affiliate or professional members. The Membership Committee shall determine the qualifications of the application and with in 10 days from receipt of the application from the Secretary, shall submit the application with its recommendation to the Board of Trustees for final decision.

Rights and privileges

Subject to the limitations provided by the By-Laws, membership in the Chamber shall entitle a member to the following rights and privileges:
– To vote at all meeting of the Chamber,
– To vote and be voted in any election for officer of the Chamber
– To take part in all the deliberations of the Chamber,
– To petition with other members for the calling of a special meeting of the Chamber,
– To examine the minutes book and books of account of the Chamber during office hours,
– To receive regularly a copy of the annual, semi-annual and other reports of the President and any newsletter, journal or bulletin published by the Chamber, and
– To participate in all activities sponsored by the Chamber.

Duties and obligations

Subject to the provisions of By-Laws, all members shall have the following duties and obligations:

– To pay promptly the monthly dues and special assessments approved by the Board of Trustees,
– To attend all regular and special meetings of the Chamber and of the committee to which the they are appointed,
– To discharge any assignment given by the Board of Trustees or the President of the Chamber,
– To protect the interest of the minig industry and of the Chamber,
– To abide by these By-Laws and all resolutions, orders, rules and regulations approved by the Board of Directors and by the Chamber, and
– To furnish the Chamber copies of its annual, semi-annual, quarterly and other reports for distribution to all the members, as well as nonconfidential date, information or materials that the Chamber may need in preparing position papers, petitions, memoranda, etc., or in its study of the mining industry or any sector thereof, for presentation to any offices, bureau, department or any of the government or private institutions.

Membership certificate

Certificates of non-proprietary membership signed by the President and attested by the Secretary shall be issued to all the members. From the date of issuance of the certificate, the member shall enjoy all the rights and privileges and shall have the duties and obligations incident to his membership.

Loss of membership

Membership in the Chamber shall be lost for the following reasons:

a. Expiration of the charter in the case of a corporate member and death in the case of an individual member.
b. Commission of an act highly inimical to the best interest of the mining industry or of the Chamber,
c. Willful violation of By-Laws or of any resolution approved by the Board of Trustees and the Chamber, and
d. Failure to pay the monthly dues for the 3 consecutive months after receipt of notice from the Treasurer.

The loss of membership for the reason mentioned in subparagraph a shall be automatic. In all other cases, the decision rests with the Board of Trustees.

Effect of dissent, resignation or loss of membership

Any member who dissents from any proposal approved by the Chamber and who thereafter resings, or who loses his membership due to any of the causes enumerated above, shall not be entitled to reimbursement of fees, dues or special assessments that he has paid by reason of his membership in the Chamber. In the event of the dissolution of the Chamber, its assets shall not be distributed to the members, but shall be donated to such charitable or civic institutions or organizations as the majority of the members may decide.

Reinstatement of membership

A member who has lost his membership may petition the Board of Trustees for his reinstatement. The Board may order the member’s reinstatement when there are justifiable grounds therefor and upon such condition or conditions that it may impose.

Change of membership status

A regular member whose operation has been suspended for at least 6 months may apply to the Board of Trustees for a change of its membership status to associate. The Board of Trustees shall motu propuo change the status of an associate member that has commenced commercial production to regular.


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